About This Blog

We are a counseling service that provides counseling services to the Twin Cities and St. Croix Valley area of WI. We currently have an office in Minnetonka, MN and in Hudson, WI.

We love counseling and psychology! We want to give you thoughts, information and resources from a therapist’s perspective. We believe the field of psychology has a lot to offer in terms of helping people in becoming their best selves.

This blog is intended to provide information and resources to inspire you to make improvements in yourself and and your life. We specialize in a variety of services which will be reflected in the many different types of information we present to you via this forum.

We encourage you to give us feedback, enjoy and we hope you learn something! We are also open to any suggestions for other topics and feel free to visit our website to learn more about us at http://collaborativemn.com/about-mn-counseling/

Please note: None of the information presented in this website or in the blog is intended to substitute for counseling or medical advice.

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