Tips For Going Back To School

Getting ready for and going back to school can be a very stressful time. Following the slower pace of summer many struggle to get back into the mind frame to focus on learning and schoolwork.

Here are our favorite tips for parents to help prepare for the transition into a new school year:

  1. Practice Getting Back on a Schedule – For the week or two leading up to the first day of school, work to get you and your kids back on the usual sleep schedule for school.
  2. Take Care of Any Health Needs – If your child needs a physical, check up or needs medication refills make sure to follow up with appropriate health care providers. Try to be proactive in getting help for both physical and mental health needs your child may have going into this next school year.
  3. Get Oriented – If your child is going to start in a new school this year spend some time going to the school with your child to practice finding their classrooms, restrooms, the office or nurse and any other areas they will want to know how to find. The best way to ease anxiety about this first day of school is to help your child feel as prepared as possible.
  4. Be Prepared for the First Day – To decrease the stress of the first day help your child pack their bag (or if you have a teen remind them to do this), have them pick their outfit they day before and make sure to have healthy breakfast and snack foods available for your child.

All of these tips are aimed at helping your child to get off on the right foot for his or her first day of school. Anything you can do to decrease the stress and anxiety of the first day of school are recommended.

Remember, anxiety is often just about the unknowns, so the more of those you can decrease the better off your child will be. We want to send kids into the school year focusing on academics and of course, friendships!

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