Finding Friendship

Linda is a therapist with over 30 years of experience in the mental health field. She works as a therapist in Hudson, WI at Collaborative Counseling & Psychology, LLC. She can be reached at linda@collaborativemn .com or 715-808-7200

Finding Friendship

Last fall I pulled up stakes and moved 350 miles from southern Wisconsin to Minnesota to be closer to family. A great idea and wonderful adventure for the most part. Most recently it has come to my attention the importance of long lasting friendship, apart from family.

Our friends fulfill such a powerful role in our lives and oftentimes folks say that they actually prefer their friends to their family for a variety of reasons. It seems that we indeed trust our friends with our deepest thoughts and desires, our shortcomings and our failures, and through it all, they remain our champions. They are the people who love us at our worst. We, in turn, do that for them.

Research tells us that we need relationships in our lives to be healthy and whole, that relationships are more important than money, status, or power. Our physical and mental health depends on the quality and depth of our interconnection with others.

Who is there when you flounder?  Who comes in when others go out? These are the true friends in our world.

What does it take to develop friendships?  Trust, time and vulnerability. Be a friend by forsaking your own egos, make sure your cup is empty of “me” to become a valued friend of another and lose the sense of envy and competition.

Yes, so I would say that the hardest part of transporting myself to a new place has been the potential loss of those valued individuals who stepped in, and for whom I happily did the same. No doubt, there are new friends on the horizon who seem to be leaning my way.

At Collaborative Counseling & Psychology, we are here to help you get your relationships back on track, create friendships and repair those that have been lost.