Solid Gold By Linda Butler

Solid gold.  These days we frequently hear advertisements luring us to sell the “old gold” we having lying around the house.  How do we know if it’s real?  If it’s pure through and through?

Linda is a therapist with over 30 years of experience in the mental health field. She works as a therapist in Hudson, WI at Collaborative Counseling & Psychology, LLC. She can be reached at or 715-808-7200.

That got me to thinking about congruence within ourselves.  Are we pure gold through and through?  It has to do with values.  Not WHAT you value, but what DO you value.  By this I mean living and behaving according to our values.  We all know and admire folks like this.  They do what they say and they believe what they do.

In counseling others, I encourage clients to think about this.  Are you living and behaving according to your values?  When you do, peace will be yours and so will respect.  It’s a challenge to really sit back and take our own inventory.  Much easier to take the inventory of others, but then change doesn’t really occur.

Counseling is a way to gently guide you to your true golden self.